Potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae

The potato aphid occurs on many crops such as potato, rose, tomato, aubergine, chrysanthemum and lettuce. The adult potato aphid measures approximately 4.0 mm, is pink or green in colour, and has long, green siphunculi and a long cauda (tail). Winged females are slightly shorter than wingless ones. Pink wingless aphids have a yellowish head and a yellowish pink thorax.

The life-cycle of the potato aphid is the same as the life-cycle of the green peach aphid. Overwintering can take place as an egg, but also asexually, for instance in glasshouse lettuce.

The potato aphid is found especially on young parts of the plant. The aphid is very active and can therefore spread within the crop quite quickly. In potato, the species causes curled tops, the symptoms looking like the potato leaf roll virus. In tomato they can often be found on the lower parts of the plant, on leaves, and on the main stem.

Potato aphids are controlled by Aphidius ervi (Ervi) and Aphelinus abdominalis (Aphelinus).


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