Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM principles

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a strategy that encourages the reduction of pesticide use. It does this by employing a variety of pest control options to contain or manage pests below their economic injury levels. These options include:

The aim of IPM is to maximise the use of biological control. Other control measures, especially chemicals, must play a supportive rather than disruptive role. Chemicals should not be used on a ‘calendar’ basis but strictly when needed, as defined by systematic pest monitoring. Selective rather than broad spectrum chemicals should take preference. The aim is to produce high quality marketable produce by intelligently using the various control options to manage pests.

Advantages of IPM

The advantages of IPM are:


We produce 16 commercial biological control products for IPM programs. We also stock a range of traps and monitoring tools.

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Information on a range of key pests that can be controlled biologically in Australia using our products.

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We work in a range of crops and have developed biologically based IPM programs to control the major pests.

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