Welcome to Biological Services, the first commercial insectary established in Australia, servicing growers nationwide. Through a combination of experience, passion, innovation and ongoing research and development, Biological Services has developed rearing techniques for a range of biological control agents which target many of the key pests in horticulture today.

Biological Services provides viable alternatives to regular broad spectrum insecticide programs in a range of horticultural crops, and have staff to provide the technical backup and support to enable growers to effectively manage Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs on their properties. A key problem at present is resistance of many major pests to pesticides e.g mites, aphids, whiteflies and thrips. Biocontrol and IPM programs are intelligent options to protect crops and reduce pesticide usage.


We produce 30 commercial biological control products for IPM programs. We also stock a range of traps and monitoring tools.

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Information on a range of key pests that can be controlled biologically in Australia using our products.

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We work in a range of crops and have developed biologically based IPM programs to control the major pests.

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