Our sustainable new way of shipping Orius for thrips control

Friday, February 25, 2022

We are passionate about pioneering new ways to look after our growers and the environment. Therefore we are excited to introduce our new sustainable packaging for the thrips predator Orius, which are commonly used in capsicum, strawberry, and ornamental greenhouse crops.

As part of Biological Services’ continuous product improvement program, we have replaced the original plastic packaging with a biodegradable label and cardboard cup, with a removable lid. Orius will still be dispatched in units containing 2000 adults, but the new packaging helps them arrive in even better condition.

Managing Director of Biological Services, Lachlan Chilman, said the improvement in overall quality enhances establishment, which means faster control of pests in the crops.

“Our new packaging is better for two key reasons – firstly we have added a special gel formulation to provide an extra source of water and nutrition for the predatory bugs during transport,” he said. “The other benefit is to the environment because the package is biodegradable.”

“The unique packaging allows better breathability, and together with the gel formulation, the predators stay better hydrated and fed during shipment. This means the Orius are more active when they arrive and we have noticed an obvious increase in predator activity and initial establishment. This is good news for growers, particularly those in high thrip and virus areas.”

The buckwheat carrier and the release strategy remain the same. Growers can distribute Orius throughout the crop using the same release spacing but can use a smaller amount of substrate at each release point. If the release material is prone to falling off the foliage, growers can utilise Bioboxes to keep Orius in the crop at the release point to help them establish more quickly.



Above: Thrips damage, Orius feeding on Thrip larvae, Biobox, new Orius packaging.

Benefits of New Sustainable Packaging

  • Eco-friendly, packaging reduces pollution and plastic container waste

  • Feeding gel, so predators arrive in optimal condition and can establish more quickly

  • Better airflow, for lower mortality during transit and higher Orius activity for a longer period

  • Less time and labour, as the new packaging can be left in the crop after release and be removed with the plants at the end of the crop cycle

  • Cheaper freight, the containers are more compact and have a smaller footprint

To learn more about using Orius to control thrips in your crops or place an order, please contact your Biological Services Consultant or our office on 08 8584 6977 or info@biologicalservices.com.au



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