New appointments bring global innovations to our clients, faster

Monday, September 4, 2023

From opening Australia’s first insectary more than fifty years ago to partnering with a multinational Integrated Pest Management giant, Australian growers are set to benefit again from Biological Services’ pioneering focus on Australian-first innovations.

Biological Services co-Director, Lachlan Chilman, says the company has created a new role to leverage its strategic alliance with Biobest Group NV, a global leader in biological control and pollination headquartered in Belgium.

“We want to give our clients every advantage with new IPM technologies,” said Lachlan. “We know our expertise, quality of products, and advice sets us apart, but our first-to-market mindset also benefits our clients in tangible ways.”

“Our decision to align with Biobest two years ago was our first step to gain global innovations for Australian growers, such as new sachet technology for predatory mite releases. And today, we congratulate Stephanus Malherbe on his promotion to the new role of IPM Product Development Specialist to leverage this relationship further.

“Stephanus holds three tertiary qualifications in Microbiology and a PhD on soil health metrics and complex data analysis procedures. Combined with his experience as a consultant and team leader at Biological Services since 2015, he will be critical to Biological Services’ focus on placing our clients at the forefront of IPM practice into the future,” he said.

Stephanus will work directly with the Biobest overseas team to identify and bring new products, technologies and services to Australia for Biological Services’ clients. It’s a role he is eager and ready to take on. He will also step into a senior technical leadership role to support our team of qualified consultants working on the ground with growers across the country, helping them produce high quality crops for consumers and retail stores.

“There is a lot of innovation and progress occurring in the biological control space at the moment - IPM is a dynamic and challenging discipline,” said Stephanus.“New technologies include automated monitoring devices, and microbial products for pest and disease suppression. Biobest also has an education platform – the Biobest Academy – which is now available for growers and consultants to use.

“I am very happy at Biological Services. The mentorship provided by James and Lachlan, and the influence of colleagues past and present, shaped me into the person I am today. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve the company and our customers at a higher level,” Stephanus said.

Anita Marquart, Lachlan Chilman and Stephanus Malherbe.

From left: Anita Marquart, Lachlan Chilman and Stephanus Malherbe.

Stepping into his previous role will be Anita Marquart, a consultant with Biological Services since 2018. Having studied Biology in Germany, Anita worked as a researcher in Agricultural Science in Switzerland. After moving to Australia 10 years ago she completed a PhD in Entomology/Ecology at the University of Adelaide.

“We are also excited to congratulate Anita on her promotion to Team Leader at Northern Adelaide Plains, the role previously held by Stephanus,” said Lachlan. “Anita has been part of the team that Stephanus led for seven years. We know her expertise, practical experience and strong leadership qualities will continue to deliver high service standards to our South Australian clients from our hub in Virginia, north of Adelaide.”

The Adelaide team has been taking on more responsibility as Stephanus gradually steps back from active fieldwork. And while Anita says the team will miss Stephanus as its leader, the team is strong, capable, and very motivated to service their clients.

“My role is always centred on the customer, whether it’s being out on a farm helping a grower or keeping the team organised, resourced and supported as Team Leader,” said Anita. “Like everyone here, I am very motivated to try new things and implement IPM methods from overseas that might benefit our growers so I am excited to see Stephanus take on a dedicated Product Development Role.

“I love working at Biological Services. I truly believe that IPM is the future and I enjoy helping customers to grow better and healthier crops. I’m particularly pleased that we have a strong team that closely works together, supports each other and is always keen to improve. I strongly believe that our growers benefit from our collective knowledge throughout the company,” she said.

From a company perspective, Lachlan says these changes are all part of the work to connect clients with the developments in the biocontrol industry, which is growing rapidly worldwide.

“There is substantial investment taking place in research and development and this is key to finding much-needed alternatives to chemical pesticides,” Lachlan said. “Our pledge to Australian growers is to continually access a growing range of high-quality biocontrol products backed up by reliable advice. With the support of Stephanus, Anita, and our whole team, we are excited to give our clients first access to the benefits of the global network we are connected with.”

To learn more about how Biological Services can help commercial growers achieve healthy and sustainable yields through the use of beneficial insects and on-site integrated pest management advice, contact your local Biological Services Consultant, or our office on 08 8584 6977, or [email protected].




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