Aphid parasite mix Aphelinus abdominalis + Aphidius colemani + Aphidius ervi

Many crops can be attacked by a number of different aphid species. In cases like these, or if you are unsure as to the aphid species that you have in your crop, it is useful to release several parasite species. Aphid parasite (AP) mix is a combination of three different aphid parasites. Each of these parasites have slightly different host ranges so are more likely to be able to control mixed populations of aphids in a crop. The three wasp species that are in the AP mix are Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis. Each one of these parasites will control green peach aphids, but some will also control some of the larger aphid species such as greenhouse potato aphid, potato aphid, and pea aphids along with other common aphid species such as cotton or melon aphids, turnip and cabbage aphids. For more information on application methods, rates of application, susceptibility to chemicals etc., please refer to the information sheets on any of the 3 species included in the mix.

Suitable crops

AP mix can be used in all crops where susceptible aphids are found and can be used in both indoor and outdoor crops. Early inoculation can help get the parasitoids started earlier than would occur naturally. Crops that benefit from AP mix include (but are not restricted to) capsicums, eggplants (aubergine), flowers, a range of ornamentals, and some field crops such as potato, brassicas and legumes.


AP mix should be released as soon as possible after they are received. If they cannot be put into the crop immediately they can be stored at 8-12°C for a few days.

Ordering and accounts

Orders are sent via express courier on Monday or Tuesday of each week, and usually arrive within a couple of days. Orders received after noon on Tuesday are sent the following Monday. Prices are on a sliding scale i.e. the more that is purchased over a monthly period, the less the price will be per unit. Freight is charged at Express Post rates.

Accounts are sent at the end of each month, and can be paid by EFT, BPay, cheque or postal order.

Aphid parasite mix

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