Montdorensis now available from Biological Services

Thursday, January 21, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Australian growers can now purchase high concentration Montdorensis predatory mites from Biological Services to control thrips and whitefly in their greenhouse and nursery crops.

Montdorensis complements our existing range of predatory mites, which comprise CucumerisDoreenaeCalifornicusPersimilisLailaeHypoaspis aculeifer and Hypoaspis miles.


Pictured above: Montdorensis actively devouring a thrips larvae.


Our advanced technique yields excellent concentrations

Although we were the first commercial insectary in Australia to produce Montdorensis in 2000 for several years, we were unable to continue production due to limitations in the rearing method. At the time Cucumeris was easier to rear in large numbers, and it has ability to control thrips quickly when released regularly in good concentrations.

Today, our rearing techniques for Montdorensis are more advanced. We can produce excellent concentrations (more than 100,000 mites per litre), providing another option for thrips and whitefly control over large areas. Advantages of the high-density predatory mites includes reduced labour costs during release and lower costs of freight.

Cucumeris is still the best predatory mite for thrips in berry crops and many greenhouse situations. However, some growers like using Montdorensis for dual control of whitefly and thrips, and we wanted to give our customers access to another high-quality product. Whilst Lailae is still seen as the most effective predatory mite for controlling whiteflies long term, the ability to rear Montdorensis in very high concentrations can allow faster establishment over a wide area. This can give a quicker response time for shorter term crops such as cucumbers and hotspots within other crops.

As with all products, Biological Services stands by our quality standards and results. If you are interested in giving our Montdorensis product a try, then please let us know.

When you contact us, please inform us of the crops you are growing, the environment present, the area of release, pest issues, recent pesticide applications and any previous biological control history. This will help us to give you the absolute best advice.

To place an order or to arrange an on-farm consultation from one of our experienced field staff, please contact Biological Services on 08 8584 6977 or



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